Saturday, 27 November 2010

Stocking Fillers

Here are some of the Reindeer Food and Bah Humbug cartons I have made. Still got many more to do! Thanks to Helen for the idea with the humbugs.

1st Christmas Card

Well good evening everyone! Just finished watching X Factor and sewing Buddy's elf shoes and thought I come back and post some more makes on my blog.

This is the first Christmas card I have made this year. The big snowflakes were recycled from some cards last year but I only had 2. I loved this card so much that I made Marc take me to Hobbycraft this morning and he bought me a 2" snowflake punch and some glitter card so I can make my own and make some more of this style card.

The snowflakes are actually silver but the camera flash makes them shine blue!

Marcie's Christmas Elf - Buddy Baublebum

Another thread I have been following on the MSE forums is the Christmas Elf thread. I think it's a brilliant idea so have gone all out to create Buddy Baublebum for Marcie. He will come to stay with us on  the 1st December and leave with Father Christmas on Christmas Eve when he drops of the presents. He comes with his own journal to record his holiday with her and will get up to all sorts of mischief as well as leaving her little surprises. She won't really understand what he's about this year as she is only 15 months old so it's more for mummy and daddy this year! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is Buddy

And here is the journal I made for him. This is the front cover. It say's "Buddy Baublebum. My Holiday with Marcie. Christmas 2010"

And this is on the reverse side of the front cover. It is a letter from Father Christmas thanking Marcie for looking after Buddy and in the other pocket is his adoption certificate to say we have adopted him!

I will post updates on how Buddy is doing after he arrives on the 1st!!

My first post!

Hi everyone and welcome to my shiny new blog! I wanted to share some of the things I have been creating for Christmas and will hopefully be able to continue with some new ideas in the new year.

First, I wanted to share some pictures of my craft boxes. I would love a bigger house where I can have my own craft room but at the moment I have to create at the dining table!

These are just a few of my storage boxes!! Got a complete bargain as they were only £1 from Poundland. They only had 10 or I would have bought more.

Here are some other bargains I got recently to add to my ever growing collection. These flowers were reduced to 75p a pack in Tesco.

Here is my haul of buttons I bought recently. Won't need any more for years!

Well that's it for now. Will add some of my makes shortly.

Libby x